March 22, 2018

Last night was an interesting experiment in writing. It felt good. Just let everything out and share it. Even if it sucks. It might be a good start for something new.

What else? I'm still unsure what bigger topics I'd like to write about and the weekend is fast approaching. I'd like to keep it consistent and publish on Sundays, given the weekend offers a bit more time than a random weekday every week. Or maybe I'm wrong and I can set a schedule for a weekday. I'd do that if I was on a sports team or something. "Sorry, I'm busy!"

Either way, I think it's worth trying to focus on something cool enough I want to write something bigger.

No reading yet, just think and write for ten minutes.

My mind is still swimming a bit with the last article I read for this blog, but I know I took in more of the world. I think I need to pay more attention to my daily conversations, and twist them into deeper thoughts. I know Louie and I chatted about international travel at lunch because he'll be heading back home to Paris in a week, and then off to the Philippines for two to visit a friend. He asked if I ever traveled alone and all I had was my cross-country roadtrip. Which I'm fine with. It was a great experience.

I watched Abstract - an episodic series on Netflix about different genres of art. This episode was about Ilse Crawford, an interior designer, formerly editor of Elle Decoration magazine, which apparently is a big deal. In her interior design practice, she broke down a room first to the sensual experience. She chose materials based on the senses the room should evoke. I really enjoyed her idea of how the details and design of a room determine what feelings and emotions you can take from it. It made me think about the spaces I inhabit regularly. I want to make my living room more cozy but contain an office too. I think my office at work needs help. Our chairs don't roll and then cram under a long, cheap table. But that's start-up life, so I suppose it makes sense to invoke that feeling. Simple, cheap, versatile. Until we start making some bigger bucks.

I had a thought before bed about how I'll miss the snowy nights when they're gone. Everyone is so ready for winter to be over but in that moment I was already missing it. A snow day is a rare thing, and it's nice to snuggle up on the couch and watch the cold from behind the window. You can order takeout guilt-free and relax. 

The weekend is nearing and I have a few plans but not enough. It's not good enough to keep the weekend unplanned. I'll start getting indecisive. Right now, there is Maxine's party Saturday night and a Greet meet-up at 12:30. Saturday is pretty solid. I think on Sunday I might need to do the domestic and design thing and make it to Ikea and start cooking a new recipe. Start the week off right. And publish, of course.

There are a good pile of books staring me in the face every day. I half-finished Jordan Peterson's book. I restarted and half-finished The Obstacle is The Way. I didn't even crack Conspiracy. 

I'm pretty happy with my commitment to working out lately. It's been more than six weeks and now I'm really committing to drinking less, sleeping more, and eating the right amount. Perhaps that's something to dive deeper into when writing for the blog?

I don't know. It might be good for a ramble in the daily notes, but what I like to do is think about human behavior. That's always been the muse. That's why the daily diary should be more about the past day.