March 24, 2018

Two days into this new routine and I had to skip one because I hit the gym in the morning and the bar at night. Of course, that's ridiculous, because it's ten minutes of uninterrupted thinking and writing and I realize now how stupid this sounds.

I'm glad to have some plans this weekend. In a few hours, I'm meeting a bunch of strangers at an Australian cafe called Coco & Cru. It's part of the Greet start-up, where you offer a short bio and some times and dates you can make, and you meet strangers of all walks of life. 

And tonight I have Maxine's "going-away" party because she is headed out to Georgia soon to start the Appalachian Trail. How wild! I can't even fathom sleeping or camping or anything like that for more than two days in a row. But maybe that's just me. I'm sure she is super pumped.

I just finished watching Seth Godin talk on the Inside Quest, or Impact Theory show, as it turned into. Godin has a way of just breaking down things, specifically when it comes to business, marketing, creativity, or education, and making it clear. To be honest, this idea for some daily notes was born out of a podcast Seth did about writer's block. There is no such thing. You don't have talker's block. A plumber, as Seth said in the episode, doesn't get plumber's block. So you can write. And write constantly. And my hope is that by publishing these notes daily, even for ten minutes, I can battle that voice in my head that says there is nothing to say, or there is everything to say, so don't share that with everyone. So here we are.

What did I explore this week that fits the freakshow bill?

The big news yesterday was Elon Musk deleted Tesla and SpaceX's Facebook pages. I thought that was pretty funny. The world slowly turning on Facebook and Elon Musk turning the knife in Zuckerberg's back. I guess the time will come when Facebook fades into the sunset. No one said it had to last forever, and, hell, maybe it will open the door for a better way to connect with high schools friends we never talk to.

Gosh, what else? Did I just think and write "gosh"? Yuck.

Annmarie and I went to the beer garden last night. Her fiance, Dan, stuck it out for a bit too, but he is more of a homebody, and I don't blame him. It turned into a nightclub around 10pm, right when Annmarie and I were discussing feminism and sports, and interior design for my apartment. It's a trap how much fun it is to be tipsy and bullshitting at a bar. I think those conversations get me into trouble because I just keep drinking to keep the good times rolling. I need a podcast.

Another friend, Thomas, asked me why I haven't tried to do that yet, and, to be honest, I probably will. What am I waiting for? Maybe for my best friend to move back onto this coast. I don't want to do a podcast by myself, it would sound like these wild ramblings but in audio, downloadable form. No thanks.

It does make me think, or rather, remember that most people in this world don't make content others read. Almost half the people on Twitter have never tweeted even once. (It could be those are all the Russian bots, but hey!) The vast majority of people don't regularly write blogs, or make movies, or sing songs. It is a small percentage of people not just on the radio or the screen but those that show up. Because, as this blog is an experiment in proving, it's scary. It feels unnecessary. But if one person digs it beyond me, that's a win. That's worth ten whole mindless minutes a day.