March 27, 2018

I thought I might change this daily process up a bit. It started to feel too much like a babbling diary, and that's not the point I set out to make.

What I'm trying to do is push up against the Resistance of publishing my thoughts and start to think more critically and consciously of things. Think a bit more deeply. Think a bit more on top of one another. And I won't do that without putting words down at all.

With that being said, I want to turn this into a daily journal of the thoughts or ideas that might have moved me. 

Let's try it:
I had a lunch time conversation about Wild Wild Country, the documentary series on Netflix about this massive cult. I'm not entirely sure where the story goes although there was some foreshadowing to orgies and poison and power dynamics in the first episode I watched last night. But mostly it's interesting to me to know that there were thousands of people in this world, and plenty still living (I suppose), that moved to Oregon to exist around the body of the guru, the man they called Osho. They did mention dynamic breathing and chaotic dances and the freedom of sex, so I can't help think this is just going to get more unbelievable. To the freakshow!

I watched Weekly Weird News on YouTube and found out the platypus might save us all from the real threat of futuristic super bugs. Everyone that's made the mistake of taking a half a dose of antibiotics, or too many antibiotics too often when you really had a virus, might thank the platypus for its milk. That's right, platypussies have milk. And no nipples. They basically excrete it and their young lap it up. Or something like that. But basically because the milk just shoots out of them into the atmosphere, it needs to be strong enough to kill any other bacteria that might attack. And now scientists are studying it for the future hope that it would save humans. Thanks, you weird animals, you!

I dismantled a sofa section in my kitchen this evening with a razor, so it's easier to throw out in pieces.

I heard about the Kama Sutra position called the Herd of the Cattle where five women sit on a man's thumbs, big toes, and dick. Don't ask.

I sat around for a bit listening to Alan Watts talk about how Americans don't really enjoy pleasure. But he quickly curved into economics and gold standards so I turned the lecture off, and I'm sure I'll watch more Wild Wild Country to go deeper.

What else?
I made plans to go to Smorgasburg in Williamsburg this weekend.
Rob got a tweet reply from StarTalk.
If I want to have children and still travel around with my sweetheart, I might need to date someone a bit younger than myself, someone with a bit more time on their biological clock. But who knows!?

It's getting warmer and I can't wait to enjoy it.