March 28, 2018

It just occurred to me that some writers might just write in the morning. Like this. Ten minutes. And make a book out of it. Someone like Liz Gilbert. I remember her talking about it in Big Magic, where she spent years grindin' while waitressing at a diner and a million other blue-collar jobs. 

Austin Kleon talks quite a bit about it too - the idea that most working writers are working at a job and moonlighting on their art. That makes me feel better for making the conscious decision now - at 8:47 - to be like "no, I'll stay up late. I'm an adult." I think I was relishing in the discipline of going to bed and getting eight hours, specifically because some weight-lifting coach I heard said you should be sleeping more than normal for the muscle to grow and take. And I thought hey why not? Why not sleep more? But honestly it's starting to feel like the time between me coming home and me getting to do anything is shorter and shorter. And it's my own decision, when honestly I probably could enjoy another hour before bed if I didn't throw it away with nonsense chores I can do some other time. Sorry, recycling. Things need to get done. Or sometimes nothing at all. Just chillin with some tunes on and lights off and writing these words.

Okay, now, what happened in my thoughts today?

I finally visualized what I want to do to my living room, mostly in anticipation of warmer weather and open windows. I'd like to add some places in here and large artwork on the walls. A real masterpiece. Something to add to the atmosphere.

I read an article this morning on the train entitled "We're All Fascists Now". It is about the progressive tendency to call anyone with slightly offensive ideas a "fascist" when there is a great big world out there with much clearer fascists and problems to boot. Like, I read Chinese people can't search for the words "Animal Farm" or "disagree" on the Web. Like Google will be like "Did you mean "agree" with the government?"

I found out Stephen Colbert's middle name is Tyrone through a clip where Tom Segura told a story about almost becoming Jared's brother on a Subway commercial series. His character was going to originally be named Tyrone - a typically black name, according to Segura. And I had a small text discussion about this with Rob and Rob felt it was an awkward and painful discussion because they assumed Jon, the black band leader, could comment and be an authority on the black name phenomenon. I didn't see it as quite as painful but I did feel something there. 

What it made me realize more than anything is I miss bullshittin' with Rob after dinner, just laying around and cracking jokes and talking about things. 

Oh we found out Facebook is logging calls and text records from Android users. Good god. I started to honestly consider getting off there. What do I use it for now anyway? Maybe some party invites? Maybe to see if my mom is sharing her social security number?