Bad days happen but they don't count

Firas Zahabi is no stranger to toughness. He cofounded Tristar Gym and has trained multiple MMA champions, including, arguably one of the best ever, George St-Pierre.

Zahabi on toughness and the pressure of fight night performance:

I always tell my fighters, you’re not scared of fighting. That’s not true. We fight all the time. What you’re scared of is the camera and the lights and the people watching and the judgments, thats what you’re scared of. You're worried about the judgments. Because bad days happen.
Sometimes guys come in the gym and they kill everybody. And one day they have a bad day. What if that one bad day is on fight night? And that’s the one they’re recording. That’s the one people will remember. That’s the one that counts.
But I always tell my guys, look we know, if it does happen and it’s a possibility it could happen, we know that’s not true. That’s what matters.