What is idea sex?

It's been a week and this daily blog is consistent and all over the place. It's easy to blab about things that move me, but it makes more sense for both of us if I pick something and stick with it. Consistency and commitment.

In searching for direction, I returned, as I often do, to Sarah Peck's article Why Starting a “Blog” is a Terrible Idea. Instead of a blog, Peck recommends committing to a project of small steps, declaring to yourself and others: “I’d like to talk about x topic in 4 posts, within the next two months.

The timeframe doesn't matter, the focus does. You need to start somewhere and it's better to have a direction than an explosion.

I'd like to talk about idea sex in 3 posts within the next two months. 

What is idea sex? That's probably a good place to start on post numero uno. But I started to learn about it through Matt Ridley's TED talk When ideas have sex.

It's worth the watch and if you like it, be sure to come back for more.