Moving On, Untitled - #97

There is no end to exploding into space. For all we know, space is infinite. Too big for our minds and feet to carry us to the end. But it doesn't mean we stop.

The original idea of Explode into Space was to yell back to my family and friends as I drove off into the sunset. It was weekly reassurance that I wasn't dead and I was having fun across the country, out on Route 66. Eventually it became more. It was a kind of public journal, a way to smash together the thousands of thoughts I had throughout the week into something a bit more coherent than my lips could manage.

And just about two years later, with close to one hundred emails launched, it is time for something new. Not too new. I just need a new kick in the ass that old, broken habits weren't giving me.

There is no one or no thing to blame. It is transformation and that's always what my writing has been about. Shit happens. Chalk it up to wrenches in the works. 

Instead I want to use this opportunity to learn from my mistakes. There is plenty to show for what I did writing as long as I did and getting all of your awesome feedback. It was always appreciated to know someone not only took the time to digest my words but also take a minute or two longer to tell me what they thought about it. 

That's the whole point of this project and what I plan to do next. 

My resolution going forward is more sex. Idea sex. Every day. 

The modern philosopher and futurist filmmaker Jason Silva defines idea sex better than I know how. It is how we make our contributions to the world now. More than ever, we're crashing seeds of ideas and memes together and coming up with new things. It's not sperm and eggs and bouncing babies, it's contributions to everyone else in the world. Silva says here: "We now participate in this idea sex universe with what we put out in terms of memetic content.

We're sparking off of one another.

I'd take it a step further and say the contribution (or reproduction) isn't always the point. Idea sex, just like physical sex, can be pleasurable and transformational. At best, it is an act of connection.

I hope, if anything else, we've connected throughout this adventure. It has meant the world to me. And going forward I will be writing under my name officially at

Sincerely thank you to every single one of you.

 As always, we explode into space.