Steal Like An Artist


Actions, not words, reveal our real values

Derek Sivers nails it in this short, powerful post. It was a good reminder for me to stop thinking so much and share my favorites of the week again.


Because actions reveal our values, it’s clear TJ Miller is all about comedy. As he reads Sioux City local Bruce Miller’s review, I can’t help imagining Bruce watching The Late Show at home and hopefully finally getting a kick out of TJ Miller this time.


Norm eloquently narrates his present state, like no one else can, on The Tonight Show, making art into hilarious reality. 


My buddy Rob took the painful choice of selecting something on Netflix off the table and turned on Masterminds. It’s so wacky you can hardly believe it’s based on a real Loomis Fargo truck heist. 


It’s not just money, artists steal too. Goal Guys pay respects to Austin Kleon’s book (by the same title). I thought it’s only right to include it here because it’s a great homage to some of my favorite artists (Kleon, Tarantino, Neistat) and because I’m literally stealing this weekly post idea from Austin Kleon himself. He has a great newsletter here if you’d like to subscribe.

To the tune of stealing like an artist, Vox shows how the greatness of The Lego Movie has a rich history with Lego filmmakers and fans.


Nerdwriter Evan Pushcak highlights the German word I didn’t know I needed to encapsulate my deep love for FailArmy and America’s Funniest Videos.


Jason Silva breaks down an idea of why so many people take themselves out of this life. We are starved for deeper meaning and significance, as he says, and our system doesn’t easily allow for our lives to stand for something.


Have you ever had a dream? / 6.5.2017


Casey Neistat breaks down the vlog

Casey makes me miss New York City more than most things. And just when I started wondering how I’d make an awesome vlog like Casey, he mapped it all out with this gem.


Scientists Have Found the Oldest Known Human Fossils - The Atlantic

This is big news that shouldn’t be buried. See what I did there? It’s time to rewrite the history books once again.


What’s better than astronaut Buzz Aldrin drillin' a moon landing denier in the face? Bill Burr explaining why it’s great.


The Advantage Of Being A Little Underemployed - Collaborative Fund

This blog post makes the point that fighting the 40-hour work week when we’re no longer physically in the field or the factories is going to be a harder battle. We need to find time to think in order to do our best work.


This adorable little boy strutters his way through some wisdom, and some genius made it into a trap remix.

Fake Weights Are Helping Instagram Stars Go Viral - VICE

Of course, right?


Trainwreck showed America that John Cena is hilarious. Now, Lonely Island is going to pump him up and put him on a bike. Sign me up!


Feed your Mind, Own Your Fears, and Ban This Bad Word

Freakonomics Radio on The Benefits of Thinking Like a Child

It's no secret, adults have no idea what's going on. Why not try attacking your problems with a fresh perspective? Forget everything you know as a model citizen of moderate intelligence and adopt the curious thought process of a child. Read more or listen up.

Tim Ferriss on Defining and Crushing Your Fears

Take a breath and find your happy place, we're going to think about our fears. It's a good thing. Author and Renaissance man Tim Ferriss offers a simple 3-step exercise to nail down your fears and realize they're probably not all that scary. Read more.

Hat Rabbits on Why You Should Ban the "But"

Dale Carnegie said it back in 1936 among the handful of lessons he wrote in How to Win Friends and Influence People. Hat Rabbits echoes the idea here: "But" is negative and lazy. You can communicate better. Consider changing your criticisms and read more here.

The Big Picture: Feed Your Gut and You Feed Your Brain

Saturday was my cheat day after a week of abnormally responsible eating. Sunday, I woke up and my mind was just a piece of shit. A pint of ice cream before bed was probably not the best idea. It's true, scientists have begun to consider the body as one, connected system, instead of just a pile of independent organs, and noticing that feeding your gut right could mean much more for your mind. Read more.

Adventures in Sex, Jokes, and Becoming Great

Coming back from Iceland has been a trip in itself. I decided to write about my adventures and start a new section, Adventures.

Tell me The Weeknd doesn't make sexy music. I don't even care if it's on the Fifty Shades soundtrack.

Without good television at the end of the day, Vine cracked me up more times than I can count in Iceland. Manon Mathews is the Jimmy Fallon of Vine.

TheMontageKing makes some great UFC compilation videos. Even if you're not a fan, When Taunting Goes Wrong is primarily satisfying.

I added London Real to my long list of regular podcasts after my mind was left racing by the intense Tai Lopez.