Have you ever had a dream? / 6.5.2017


Casey Neistat breaks down the vlog

Casey makes me miss New York City more than most things. And just when I started wondering how I’d make an awesome vlog like Casey, he mapped it all out with this gem.


Scientists Have Found the Oldest Known Human Fossils - The Atlantic

This is big news that shouldn’t be buried. See what I did there? It’s time to rewrite the history books once again.


What’s better than astronaut Buzz Aldrin drillin' a moon landing denier in the face? Bill Burr explaining why it’s great.


The Advantage Of Being A Little Underemployed - Collaborative Fund

This blog post makes the point that fighting the 40-hour work week when we’re no longer physically in the field or the factories is going to be a harder battle. We need to find time to think in order to do our best work.


This adorable little boy strutters his way through some wisdom, and some genius made it into a trap remix.

Fake Weights Are Helping Instagram Stars Go Viral - VICE

Of course, right?


Trainwreck showed America that John Cena is hilarious. Now, Lonely Island is going to pump him up and put him on a bike. Sign me up!