Revolutionizing Goals, Workouts, and the Law #IFW

Exploring Danielle LaPorte's The Desire Map again, I've remembered that it's not about goals, it's about how you feel about the goals. And feeling good, as LaPorte, says, "is the primary intention".

Approach your training as a practice. I hate the word workout. The word workout does not exist in the Russian language. We talk about a training session or we talk about a lesson. We never talk about a workout. Just think of what does the word working out, what do you envision? Let’s see how much I can punish myself and drain myself, so the goal is not to get stronger. The goal is just to get worn out. There are simpler ways of doing that. Run up the mountain, okay? No, the idea here is practice. Strength is a skill and as such it must be practiced. And if you approach it in this manner not only are you going to get stronger so much faster but you’re going to truly enjoy your training process. Training is something that should be enjoyed.
— Pavel Tsatsouline, Chairman of Strong First Inc. and often credited as the man responsible for bringing the kettlebell to America, talks with Tim Ferriss on Ep. 55: The Science of Strength and Simplicity

An older episode of This American Life titled "A Front" blew my mind with a story of border patrol disobedience. Reporter Debbie Nathan explored the wide variety of absurdist theater that happens when the US Border Patrol tried to question you far from the border, and why you can entertainingly refuse to answer their questions.