Steal Like An Artist


Actions, not words, reveal our real values

Derek Sivers nails it in this short, powerful post. It was a good reminder for me to stop thinking so much and share my favorites of the week again.


Because actions reveal our values, it’s clear TJ Miller is all about comedy. As he reads Sioux City local Bruce Miller’s review, I can’t help imagining Bruce watching The Late Show at home and hopefully finally getting a kick out of TJ Miller this time.


Norm eloquently narrates his present state, like no one else can, on The Tonight Show, making art into hilarious reality. 


My buddy Rob took the painful choice of selecting something on Netflix off the table and turned on Masterminds. It’s so wacky you can hardly believe it’s based on a real Loomis Fargo truck heist. 


It’s not just money, artists steal too. Goal Guys pay respects to Austin Kleon’s book (by the same title). I thought it’s only right to include it here because it’s a great homage to some of my favorite artists (Kleon, Tarantino, Neistat) and because I’m literally stealing this weekly post idea from Austin Kleon himself. He has a great newsletter here if you’d like to subscribe.

To the tune of stealing like an artist, Vox shows how the greatness of The Lego Movie has a rich history with Lego filmmakers and fans.


Nerdwriter Evan Pushcak highlights the German word I didn’t know I needed to encapsulate my deep love for FailArmy and America’s Funniest Videos.


Jason Silva breaks down an idea of why so many people take themselves out of this life. We are starved for deeper meaning and significance, as he says, and our system doesn’t easily allow for our lives to stand for something.