On Being - Ellen Langer with krista Tippett

“One of the key componentof the work I do is to try to get people to appreciate the importance of uncertainty and that we should approach everything with uncertainty. Everything is always changing. Everything looks different from different perspectives, so the intelligent state of being would be to be uncertain but we’re taught by teachers, parents, newspapers, probably even radio shows, to look for absolutes. And people have the mistaken notion that these absolutes exist and if they know them they’re going to be better off. But what happens is once you think you know something fully you don’t pay any attention to it, so if it’s changing then you’re not there to notice and missing opportunities, whether it’s in relationships or work.”

“The idea i think to replace work/life balance, which treats these categories as independent, is work/life integration. You should get to the point where you’re treating yourself, whether you’re at work or play, in basically the same way, rather than leaving all your fun time outside of work. If I were to ask people one question to see how mindless they were it might be “How much do you feel you need a vacation?” It’s very sad to me that so many people think they need. It’s different from saying, “I’ve never been to Greece, it would be fun to go.” But to feel I need a vacation means I’m spending forty plus hours a week doing something where I’m feeling stressed, unappreciated, I’m not being nurtured, it’s unhealthy.  It’s sad.”