Hitler was great at parties

Carlin: I’m optimistic when I meet individuals, when you talk to one person. People are great one at a time cause you get in and you see all the beauty, all the potential for this species, but as soon as they get in groups, Larry, I get scared. Two people, even, they change. They say, “I like Bob, but not when he’s with Linda.” You ever notice that?

Three people, five, ten, they start having hats, little armbands, slogans, and an agenda - stuff they want to do.

The bigger the group, the worse it is, Larry.

Give me people one at a time and I’m an optimist. Put ‘em in groups of four hundred or ten thousand or ten million and I get scared.

Larry: So each German may have been alright in World War Two?

Carlin: Well, Hitler was great at parties, they said. And great with children.