What are you, fun?

Almost more bizarre than the very statistical hail mary we call consciousness is our ability to just straight up swallow it. Somewhere along the line we stop being amazed that we wake again and again in this world.

I don’t want to take it for granted. I want to understand more about what people think is going on. And with that being said, I found some giggles and thoughts in an episode of the You Made It Weird podcast, where comedian and host Pete Holmes sat down with comedian and former talk show host Craig Ferguson about higher powers.

Craig: I think it’s Descartes that said all societies no matter who they are have a deity. All societies - Aztecs and Chinese, and people that have no connection at all, but they all have the idea of a deity. And one of [Descartes’] proofs of God was that for for every appetite there is a cessation. For the desire to procreate, there is sex. [For] the desire to eat, there is food. The desire for war, there is, you know?

Pete: Right.

Craig: So for every appetitive, there is a cessation. The proof of God is the fact that humans have an appetite for God, proves there is a God.

Pete: That’s interesting.

Craig: Because if you didn’t have an appetite for it, it wouldn’t exist.

Pete: But we also want to fly and stuff.

Craig: We do!

Pete: Yea, but I mean I want to take off by clenching my butt.

Craig: But that’s not how it works. How it works is, I mean, the fact we fly in the air, we fly in the air, so just because it’s not the way you planned it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exists. Of course it exists.

Peter: To that logic then, God very much so, following this logic, might not be clenching my butt to fly, it might be an airplane.

Craig: Of course!

Pete: Which means it might not be the God the Aztecs were worshipping, or my Jesus, or…

Craig: Or it might be the exact same God at a different point in time. But because God and Time don’t have to be the same thing. If, for example, you say the Aztec God or the Hebrew God, or, does Confucius have a God? Yeah, whatever it is - whatever God in whatever society, that God takes the form of what input you give it. For example, you plug the toaster in, it’s a toaster. You plug the sauna in, it’s a sauna.

Pete: I love this. We quote this all the time - you can dig a bunch of different wells, but it’s all after the same water.

Craig: Right!

Pete: You plug the sauna in, it’s a sauna. What are you, fun? You’re like a fun guy?

Craig: Yeah, I like the sauna.