What are human beings anymore?

I’ve let go of judging people around things that I don’t agree with because I reckon I don’t know everything. I’m this. My morality is about how I behave.

And if people said to me, “I’m thinking about going hunting” I go, “Well, these are my feelings about it, however, though, I just heard that hunting does contribute, apparently, to the survival of some species and there is an argument that it is quite natural and indigenous and it’s probably a way of getting into contact with who we are, originally, as hunting people, as an important part of our anthropological history and possibly a lot of the condemnation of hunting is part of the rejection of who we used to be, as we’ve become over-civilized and more and more detached from what it is to be human, whether that’s sacred or pragmatic. We don’t know what human beings are anymore. We reject our own sexuality. We reject our own bodies. We’re trying to turn ourselves into these sort of cyborgs, these emotional, sexless, meaningless creatures. Where is our passion? Where is our connection with the sacred?”

They would go “Hold on, I only asked you about hunting. When are you going to stop talking?”

Never! You gave me an in. I will pummel you with my belief system on all things.
— Russell Brand on JRE #1283