Learning Mind Control with Manson, Supermodels and the Barkley Marathons

A mind is a beautiful thing to waste.

Yeah. People say that and they really mean "use it or lose it". But we're always using it. The big mystery has always been how.

I've been told more than once in my life to "get out of your head". And more than once I've imagined my body collapsing into a pile of bones because my head forgot to send the orders to stand up straight. 

Getting out of my head makes me think I'm wasting my beautiful mind. How can I figure this shit out if I don't think about it?

But I'm starting to see it differently. It's not about ignoring my thoughts or escaping my body, it's recognizing the stupid stories I'm telling myself, the stupid stories we all tell ourselves.

And to do that I've found some stories about using your mind beyond the normal and possible.

Manson's Two Minds

Blogger Mark Manson says there is a Thinking Mind and an Observing Mind. Your Thinking Mind is uncontrollable and lightning fast. Try not to think of a pink elephant and you're thinking of a pink elephant. That's the Thinking Mind. But Manson asks, when we sit down to quiet our minds and ultimately fail, what part of us is observing the thoughts bubbling up? He explains, "It was your mind watching your mind."

Barkley Marathons

Nicknamed the Race That Eats Its Young, I'm shocked I've never heard of this. This documentary shows the 100-mile, ultra-marathon through the Tennessee woods. The entrance fee is $1.60 but few finish. It's amazing anyone finishes. It is a gritty example of how our limits are often mental and we can benefit from more pain in our lives. 

Beauty is NOT in the Eyes of the Beholder 

The School of Life made this video with a captivating title. I disagree. It's more an argument against property managers and using the phrase to silence debate over what's beautiful. But it does make me wonder, what does it mean when women recreate Sports Illustrated covers? Are you uncomfortable with the idea that most people prefer looking at supermodels? Is beauty in the eye of the consumer?

Swiss Army Man trailer

An incredible answer to every single "if you were stranded on an island" question - use a dead Daniel Radcliffe as your best friend. Life would certainly be more trippy.

The Myth of Multitasking

There is no such thing as multitasking and this article is the best explanation I've ever read about it. Short version: Your brain is rapidly switching focus. Multitasking is the illusion. And meditation is training your mind to switch much less and focus much more.

Chess prodigy and martial arts master Josh Waitzkin once said, "We obviously live in a world that bombards us with information, and we feel the need to respond to stimulus as it comes in. The problem with this is that we get stretched along the superficial outer layers of many things. I believe in depth over breadth in the learning process."

Pair that with Derek Sivers - "If information was the answer we'd all be billionaires with perfect abs."

Honorable Mentions
Like Mark Manson? He has tons to read. I'm a fan of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck.

Like the Barkley Marathons? Listen to the RadioLab episode Limits and try not to shit yourself like Julie Moss did.

Until next time...
I explode into space.