Feed your Mind, Own Your Fears, and Ban This Bad Word

Freakonomics Radio on The Benefits of Thinking Like a Child

It's no secret, adults have no idea what's going on. Why not try attacking your problems with a fresh perspective? Forget everything you know as a model citizen of moderate intelligence and adopt the curious thought process of a child. Read more or listen up.

Tim Ferriss on Defining and Crushing Your Fears

Take a breath and find your happy place, we're going to think about our fears. It's a good thing. Author and Renaissance man Tim Ferriss offers a simple 3-step exercise to nail down your fears and realize they're probably not all that scary. Read more.

Hat Rabbits on Why You Should Ban the "But"

Dale Carnegie said it back in 1936 among the handful of lessons he wrote in How to Win Friends and Influence People. Hat Rabbits echoes the idea here: "But" is negative and lazy. You can communicate better. Consider changing your criticisms and read more here.

The Big Picture: Feed Your Gut and You Feed Your Brain

Saturday was my cheat day after a week of abnormally responsible eating. Sunday, I woke up and my mind was just a piece of shit. A pint of ice cream before bed was probably not the best idea. It's true, scientists have begun to consider the body as one, connected system, instead of just a pile of independent organs, and noticing that feeding your gut right could mean much more for your mind. Read more.